Catholic School Girl Joke


A bus load of Catholic School Girls gets hit by a train and they all die and get sent to heaven. When they arrive in heaven St. Peter has them all line up in front of the Pearly white gates and asks the first girl in line “have you ever came in contact with any part of the male anatomy?” The first girl replies “I did touch the tip of IT with my finger once” So St. Peter says okay and dips her finger in holy water.

Then St. Peter asks the next girl in line the same question and she replies “I stroked a thingy once” so St. Peter says okay and dips her whole hand in holy water.

Then there is this big commotion in the back of the line and this one girl pushes her way to the front. St. Peter asks the girl “What seems to be the problem” The girl replies “If I have to gargle this holy water then I want to do it before Sara sticks her ass in it”

Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains. Fade to black!


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1 Response to Catholic School Girl Joke

  1. Loaf Loaf says:

    Catholic school girls are hot

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