the Japanese site PIXIV is gay…yes I said gay (IMO) why? Well, as with Deviantart it is a site for people to upload their art & creations for the world to see…and only see!!! That’s is why I’m claiming it’s gay because you can look but you should NOT save anything or use for anything else (like a wallpaper) because that’s stealing! okay yeah I can see that, but if you do use an image and credit the creator I don’t see a problem, if you don’t want your shit used then don’t expose it to the public on the Internet…because then millions of people are on the Internet and that’s just how shit goes…if the whiny people there didn’t want their images used then they should make it so all the images have a GIANT annoying logo across the image, so that this copyright problem won’t happen, seriously how dumb can people be…if it’s an good quality image available to the public then it should be OK to use for whatever!!! Deviantart art is fine to use if you get permission & credit the artist, so why is Pixiv so anal about it…it’s not like the art there is world class and needs to be protected like a national monument. There is no Miku Hatsune picture comparable to the Mona Lisa! So just Chillax pixiv artisans and be happy people think your crap is worth something! *rolls eye*

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