Big Brother 12 and so it begins…

Season 12

With the first show over with I know most of you out there already have your favorite people and the ones you wanna see booted off and of course the big twist who is the Saboteur? Now I must admit I’m not a reality TV fan and this is my first time watching BB so this is really my first exposure to the goings on in the Big Brother house & I guess it’s fairly interesting so far… While watching this season opener I noticed that almost all of them are lying to each other about something or another. Which is all fine and dandy because you know the lies will come out eventually and then the drama will ensue, and we all know reality TV is not fun with out a little drama…or a showmance O_o

So the big twist…who is the Saboteur? Why are they going to tell us who it is in episode two? Ever heard of suspense CBS? Isn’t there a show that has this twist already…The Mole! All kidding aside, I have my pick on who I think the saboteur is and my friends think differently. They believe that Andrew is the saboteur! Their reasons are: 1 – He poked a little too much fun at the saboteur when it was first announced! 2 – He volunteered a little too quickly for the mascot job! 3 – When Britney hurt her knee he didn’t offer to help! 4 – Lastly he was being a prankster when the lights went out! They are all justifiable reasons yes but they are also very obvious reasons too! If you think about it the saboteur wouldn’t want to be found out in the first episode would they? They are not out to sabotage themselves, unless they really stupid! Which is why I think Matt is the Saboteur, and I have my reasons to back it up! First Matt is a little too quiet through the entire episode, you barely see him! He like so many of the others kept some secrets, like the fact he’s a genius (or so he says) and who better to plot against a house full of “non-geniuses” than a genius! So until the next episode I’m sticking to my guns and saying Matt is the saboteur!

Who can it be?

The first HOH is Hayden and the only one safe from elimination is Andrew. It’s only the beginning so there really aren’t any major showmance’s or bromance’s going on yet so anyone is fair game!! Personally, I would love to see Kathy & Enzo be put up for elimination. My reasons…well, Kathy is for one is a sheriff and she’s just a bit on the old side (she does have a kid that’s almost as old as her housemates) and lastly I can’t stand her accent y’all! I know they are petty reasons but who cares! My reasons for wanting the snotty, Hair Club for Men, Jersey boy who lives with his momma to go….hmmm…he just rubs me the wrong way, ya know! For my favorites of the BB house, um, I have none…yet! I guess I kind of like all the others except the previously mentioned and I’m sure that will change as the season progresses, if I even watch it! ^_^ With that I will bring this post to an end…until next time…


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One Response to Big Brother 12 and so it begins…

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    This is such a cool blog! Super impressed, Tiffy. I thought I’d be looking at a word document, all plain and with only one or two sentences. You got pictures and you can leave comments and this looks all professional and shit! I love big brother!! So glad you think it’s cool and not totally gross. I knew you’d like it if you gave it a chance. I bet you’ll get more in to it as the season progresses. Plus, if you’re hangin out with me, it’ll be on for sure.

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