Big Brother Round 2

So here we are the second show now over and the entire show was packed full of whispering, plotting, secrets and teaming up! I use the term “teaming up” loosely because the Jersey boy Enzo would rather call it his Mafia or brigade or whatever…it’s stupid either way! I didn’t like him in the first place and now even less, I mean come on, nick names…you gotta be kidding me, MEOW! Next thing you know they will want a logo, a secret handshake and be speaking in code. Doesn’t anyone else see what a huge cheese ball this guy is, or is it just me?

Hayden’s choices for elimination are Brendon and Rachel because Brendon got up during the black out…and the Jersey Cheese Ball suggested Brendon…sometimes I wish I could reach through the TV and smack people upside the head! Last time I though Matt was the saboteur, now I think it’s Enzo, maybe! I don’t think CBS would make such a dope the saboteur but ya never know! What happened to them telling us who the saboteur is? Oh well, back to the eliminations, so Rachel is up for eliminations because her and Brendon had chemistry together (pun intended)…that’s stupid but oh well! I was actually kinda starting to like Brendon (sorta) and if he is the saboteur and he gets kicked off then what? If there is no more plot twist, then the show will just be normal, no more conspiracies, no more plotting, no more “saboteur suggestions” from the viewers…then what, the whole show is screwed and will be boring!

I take back what I said about thinking Enzo is the saboteur, I think Kathy is now! When Britney suggested that Kathy be put up for elimination Hayden should have listened to her, The hill-billy cougar got stuck in caramel and didn’t move at all and she’s just slow and old. Then she has the balls to s**t talk to Britney about her being pathetic and slow, really now, Kathy needs to go!!! I really have no idea who the saboteur is now, Matt, Kathy, Enzo or maybe Dr. Jew…so confused!

Speaking of caramel, what is with the props in the games? They are huge and Corny! Last time is was giant weiners and now it’s jumbo popcorn. What next, is gonna be a huge turkey and they have to dig through the stuffing in side to find something! I’m just saying that the props in this show are a bit to gaudy and over the top! LOL speaking of gaudy…Annie and Ragan’s little bonding moment was cute & then I threw up in my mouth a little! Joking aside (again) you’ll notice that allies are being formed, which is great because with allies comes enemies…muhahahah, let the drama ensue!!! Until next time…maybe! ^_^

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2 Responses to Big Brother Round 2

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    OMG another blog! See? I knew you’d get in to it!! You’re funny, Tiffy. Cracks me up how you hate Enzo. I don’t see that changing. You know how some people suck at first but then you get to know them and it’s cool? Yeah, that’s not happening for you and the meow meow, LOL. I agree, totally stupid, but very in character for him. We’re really getting a sense of different house guests and their individual personalities. The Brigade Alliance is hilarious; ARGH pirates we be! I think the alliance will be strong and last awhile.

  2. Superpump says:

    Hi there! I thought I should drop by with a brief comment since I have invested the better part of the last 30 minutes browsing through your posts. I’m digging what you’ve got going on here with your web log and I really hope you keep updating frequently. That’s just about it from me, hope you have a fantastic week!

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