Now What Big Brother?

Big Brother

Well a lot has happened in these last couple of episodes…there has been drama, secrets, tension, crying and oh yeah the saboteur is gone! Haha what are you gonna do CBS now that your big twist has been flushed down the toilet! Annie was the saboteur, now I admit that I was shocked to find out she was the saboteur & so were the BB housemates! They wanted to split up the Rachel & Brendon team first off that’s why they were nominated and then Brendon wins POV and pulls himself out & Annie is put up. You would think that the people of the house would stick with their plan and break up the showmance couple (They should have cuz Rachel is now HOH) but instead they vote Annie off 10 to ZIP! Annie shouldn’t have freaked out when she found out she was being put up for elimination, then maybe she would have lasted longer..maybe! So now what CBS? What are you gonna do now?

Rachel won the HOH competition but Brendon is part of the Have Not’s team so sorry to say there won’t be any major nightly make out sessions for those two at least for a little while. Wouldn’t it be funny if Brendon won the next HOH, I’d laugh! Heck I thought it was funny when Rachel won HOH and then she nominated Britney & Monet BIG SHOCK…OK not really! All those two seem to do is sit around and talk shit, mostly about Rachel so DUH they are gonna be nominated! According to some “Big Brother Twitters” Britney wins the POV and we all know she is going to save herself. That means Rachel has to pick someone else to be put up for elimination…who will it be?

I think anyone is fair game except Brendon, because they all ganged up on the showmancers! Personally I REALLY REALLY want to see Enzo get booted! I can’t stand him, with his MEOW and his Brigade (Arggg…Pirates we be) Enzo needs to go back to his Momma! Realistically though I bet it’s going to be Andjew or Matt, because Andrew is well Andjew and Matt needlessly stuck his neck out! Out of the two I would rather see Andjew go home only because I would like to see Matt demonstrate his superior knowledge…if he has any!

This being the first season I have watched Big Brother, honestly I’m not impressed at all! I’m still watching it because my friends watch it and I guess it’s giving me a topic of conversation and something to make fun of at the very least! This show better make some vast improvements in this season or it will be the last time I watch & I’m sure I’m not the only one out there thinking this season is pretty lame! Let’s get the ball rolling CBS! Until next time…


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2 Responses to Now What Big Brother?

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    Not impressed at all? Whatever! You are totally entertained and you know it. I’m pissed the Sabatuer was revealed all ready. What a disappointment! It’s even more crappy cause now you get to say “I told you so” to me, ugh. Seriously, how dumb is this cause this is your first time watching big bro and I want you to like it and this ain’t helping me convince you it’s cool! ugh. oh well, c’est la vie.

  2. Very nice article, thanks! I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed. Please keep up posting.

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