Big Brother Lies!

Big Brother 12

So, this is going to be a mini pre-elimination blog. I just wanted to “share” a few of my insights before we see Monet go home…er…I mean the elimination! OK so obviously I think Monet is going home, why? Maybe because her only friend is Britney & maybe Kathy! Honestly, all Monet does is sit around with Britney and talk shit mostly about Rachel and most of it is funny and true but that’s beside the point! Being stuck up and mean is not the best way to make friends or even to get people to remotely like you, and don’t even get me started on the Lies that everyone in the house tells…it’s crazy, madness I tell ya!

Which brings us to Matt. Finally he is using his brain…maybe not to his benefit but he’s is using it! His little lie about his wife could have been better but oh well! Now Matt is the other person up for elimination because Britney won POV and surprise she saved herself! Matt basically thinks he’s safe period, mainly because he has the brigade backing him (Arggg…) so that guarantees at least 3 people will vote against Monet 4 if Kristen can be swayed by Hayden. Brendon counts as 1more so that brings us to a grand total of 4 maybe 5 Kathy…unsure she could go either way! Ragan I do believe he will vote to keep Matt because they seem to be friends…you know the kind of friends that will gladly stab you in the back for money!

 I don’t know what to think of Andrew…I could have sworn he hated Britney and therefore hated Monet by association but now Anjew and Britney are all chatty and stuff (O_o this is my confused face) I don’t know if Andrew is seriously thinking about siding with the “Prattling Pair” or if he is just trying to be sneaky and play both sides…I dunno! I’m on the fence about Andrew, and I think most of the housemates are too and if he would have been the one nominated he probably would have gone home! This whole show has been filled to the brim with tears, lies and deceit, so who really knows? I still solidly believe that Monet is done, end of story and it not like she’ll go home empty handed she does have ten thousand dollars remember. We’ll just have to wait and see, so until then… ^_^

♦ Oh and one last thing this Brendon and Rachel “relationship” makes me want to join a cult and drink the Kool-aid and Rachel’s stupid little fake laugh makes me want to have her drink the Kool-aid!!!

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1 Response to Big Brother Lies!

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    Oh god, yeah, I hate Brenchel. So so very very much. We totally agree on that one Tiffy. ARGGG, lol

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