Big Brother BS

Since my last post about the nominations the plan to boot out Monet using Matt as a pawn worked, even though Rachel was DUMB and kind of outed Matt none of that matters because Matt won HOH – haha take that Rachel! If I was Rachel I would be crapping my pants right about now…I guess she was worried with the crying and all which was funny! I thought for sure that Matt would put up Brendon and Rachel, like the Brigade wanted…but before I go into that I want to talk about the HOH competition a bit.

This competition was an endurance one where they stood on moving surfboards and got randomly soaked with cold water! The first one out was Kathy no surprise there she basically threw it to be a “have” for the week! The next one out was Lane, this was kind of shocking, thought he would last longer but he did get to be a “have” then Kristen went down…Personally I think she threw it & her boy toy Hayden followed! Britney also jumped off just to be a “have” how Lame!!! So the ones left are determined to be HOH and they last fairly long around 45 min or so before Enzo goes down & followed by Brendon and his big feet! So they last three were Andrew, Ragan & Matt which surprised me the 3 least athletic guys lasted over an hour – good job! After Andrew goes down only Ragan & Matt remained and I thought they would work out a deal but Ragan manned up and Endured it for a long time but little Matt just did a better job and was on there to stay! Matt is now the HOH & panic sets in for Rachel & Brendon!

Matt however has other plans, even after his Brigade conference where all they did was talk about putting up Brendon and Rachel. Matt is playing his own game here, sure he listens to the brigade but in the end he does what he wants, he’s in it to win it! The Diabolical super genius does things his way and nominates Kathy and Andrew & the rest of the brigade is shocked…especially Enzo, you can see it in his face! Kathy was shocked too and doesn’t understand why she was nominated…well, duh! You voted to eliminated Matt when he was up on the block, so yeah Matt is going to take it personally and put you up! It’s not like she is a great competitor either. I think it would be awesome if she went home! Matt did tell Andrew that he was going to nominate him and he thinks that people have warmed up to him enough and he will stay! Andrew isn’t so sure about about this and I think he should be worried but at the same time I think he will be OK…maybe…it’s kind of up in the air! I think Britney will vote to keep Kathy for sure. Brendon and Rachel will vote to keep Andrew, I think! The others…no clue, they could go either way. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that they chose to keep Andrew because he is entertaining and him being Jewish does complicate things but at the same time it makes it more interesting!


OK according to the tweets from the people who get the live feeds… Brendon wins the POV competition but Andrew couldn’t even participate in the competition because it was a Jewish holiday, which is complete BS because he is one of the ones nominated. Come on CBS don’t be haters, you could at least work with the guy a little bit, unless this is a ploy by CBS to get Andrew off because they don’t want to deal with the holidays, kosher food & Jewish business! Personally I think that Brendon should use the POV to pull out Andrew because he didn’t even get a chance to save himself, that would be the nice & smart thing to do but with these people you never know. If that does happen then Matt could put up Rachel or even Brendon and break up the Happy (GAG ME) couple…who knows, guess we’ll have to wait and see until next time…

ADD: So now the Tweets say that Andrew threw the POV competition…WTF…why would anyone who is nominated throw a POV competition? Really who would be that dumb, maybe besides Rachel (LOL) I don’t know if I believe that, guess I’ll have to wait till the show airs…UGH!

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1 Response to Big Brother BS

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    I love the title of your last two posts. And the pic in this one is cool! How Monet and Annie are black and white like the wall in the big bro house. lol, I almost forgot Annie’s name! That’s how worthless she was. Who the F picked her to be the sabatuer?! Can you say ‘job opening’? lol. Boy toy Hayden? Love this! Now that’s a nickname, meow meow. I agree with you about Kathy. She’s a complete idiot if she really can’t understand why Matt put her up. Maybe she’s just playing dumb. Ugh. I also agree that it’s really up in the air who’s going home. That’s how I see it, too. As of now, I think Andrew will be evicted. Main reason: Kathy’s not a threat. My favorite thing about this post: not much talk of Brenchel. That’s my GAG ME too. ugh

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