Blunders in the Big Brother House!

Things just don’t seem to be working out they way people want them to in the Big Brother House right now…Matt picked Kathy and Andrew as the nominees for elimination, hoping that he could backdoor either Brendon or Rachel! Well, too bad that idea came back to bite him in the ass considering Brendon won POV. From the very beginning of the POV competition things were looking bleak for the Brigade, with only two brigade members playing in the POV game. To add insult to injury both Brendon and Rachel were also picked to play in the POV game. With Kathy, Andrew, Lane, Brendon, Rachel and himself playing for the POV what does Matt do…beside lose, he gets his only other ally out in the first round! It get worse folks, not only did Matt lose soon after that when it came down to the last three people in the game it was Andrew, Brendon and Rachel…the shit has hit fan! Now Brendon ended up winning the POV, and weather or not Andrew threw the competition is up for debate…the Twitter peeps say Andrew & Brendon planned it this way and CBS will have you thinking differently. Who knows who to believe because the tweets from this week said that Andrew couldn’t participate in the challenge because of some Jewish holiday but he clearly did participate…so I don’t know, moving on!

With Brendon holding the Power of Veto, he could choose to pull Andrew off the Block but of course he does not because Brendon is surprisingly not as dumb as he looks, he figures if he pulls Andrew off the block then either him or Rachel will be put on the block! Which, yes, that was what Matt was hoping for…pull Andrew off & put Brendon up, vote out Brendon and watch Rachel cry! Great plan, I would have loved to see it pan out…seeing Rachel cry over losing her man, funny stuff!

So, the nominations stayed the same and either Andrew or Kathy will go home! Personally I want Kathy to go home, I haven’t liked her from the start and I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but Kathy has either lost or threw every single competition she has played in…every one! It’s irritating…remember when she got stuck in the caramel…it’s pathetic and I can’t watch  it anymore. I would like to see Andrew stay because he is at least semi entertaining, kind of odd and a little out there but it makes the show more entertaining…and CBS needs all entertainment they can get, since the saboteur thingy kinda blew up in their face!

The other thing about Kathy is that she is not really trying to get anybody to be on her side to help her stay in the’s like she doesn’t give a damn, so let her go home! Andrew has secretly been meeting with Brendon to try and devise a plan to make it seem like Andrew is an enemy of Brenchel, so that the other people in the house who are against the “GAG ME” couple will vote to keep him! This plan may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but most of the people are not buying it! With the exception of Ragan, who is trying to convince Brendon and Rachel that Andrew is bad news and they should Keep Kathy who would be an ally of theirs and Brendon is trying to convince a few people that Andrew is not a bad guy and they should keep him, the whole thing has turned in to a giant cluster-fuck! I still truly think that Kathy will be the one to go home, even with Ragan on her side..that’s just one vote…I do think Britney will vote to keep Kathy too because they seem to be friends sort of and Andrew and Britney don’t really get along! The Brigade I think will choose to keep Andrew and of course Kristen will too. Brendon should vote to keep Andrew but you never know, I think Rachel is leaning more towards keeping Kathy because Andrew flat out said he would be gunning for Rachel & Brendon…and she has no idea that it’s all just a ploy! If Rachel can convince Brendon to vote for Kathy then it’ll be a split decision and if it comes down to that Matt has said he would vote to keep Andrew but in the end you never know with this show. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, until then…

MISC: So as I watch the show I notice some little things here and there & I want to share!

  1. The funniest thing Rachel has ever said “Enzo is not smart” hahaha….so true!
  2. Hayden sleeps with a sock monkey named Socks! O_o what is he 5
  3. Brendon actually referred to himself and Rachel as Brenchel…I threw up in mouth a little when he said that!
  4. The way CBS has portrayed Lane as the “I love my cousin and my sheep” hillbilly is just too funny!
  5. Lane wears two of those rubber bracelets that say stuff like “peace” or “sexy” and I really want to know what his say!
  6. Matt owns some funky pajamas…the skull & cross bones footie pajamas are the best!
  7. According to some tweets Kristen got drunk and ate a dead spider…GROSS!
  8. Is Enzo’s “Meow Meow” crap starting to annoy anyone else, or is it just me?

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1 Response to Blunders in the Big Brother House!

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    Who knew this first time BB watcher would have so many blogs? I did! I like the misc. If I had a blog, it’d be like that part. I think the most memorable moment from Wed’s episode was when Brendon referred to him and Rachel as Brenchel, your #3 misc item. BRENDON IS SOOOOOO STOOPID!!! Ugh, I hope he gets evicted soon. I think the meow meow is very unique and I bet Enzo is totally like that in real life. I’m glad he’s on the show so that they don’t all look like robots or something. Idk how to explain it, but he’s just a special kind of character I guess. ha ha, special. I heard a tweet that said CBS is coaching the houseguests to be high energy and over the top, (more so than the other seasons) and Enzo’s personality is just that so he fits the stereo typical bill the producers are looking for. No wonder they’re ordering everyone to be like this, the sabatuer crapped all over that game plan. No worries though, I’m sure BB has a trick or two up the sleeve to make things interesting…..Who to get evicted??? I have no idea who it will be. I think Kathy. Show starts soon, can’t wait to find out! And a new HOH, big stuffs tonite! woot woot big brother

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