OH SNAP! Big Brother – EPIC Speech!

Wow, where to begin with tonight’s elimination episode…how about the EPIC last speech by Andrew (OMG) I think Ragan said it best, that Andrew needs to be institutionalized, because he went crazy! I do have to give Andrew props though, he totally outed Kristen and Hayden and told Enzo that people think he’s stupid lol and a whole mess of other stuff…it’s was Awesome! Kathy totally didn’t need to go around using the “cancer guilt trip” on everyone! Ya know, I thought for sure Andrew would be the one to stay, that is until he opened his mouth, and that was the end of Captain Kosher! Everyone seemed to be just floored by his last speech, even his supposed comrade Brendon was all “Damn, that boy has gotta go” and the good-bye was a lot more civil than I expected after the bomb Andrew dropped! The “farewell” messages that people made were funny to watch because you know that their opinion of Andrew has been slightly skewed since then…especially Hayden’s message, bet he doesn’t respect him as much now, huh? I said before that Andrew was entertaining, and he sure proved that before he left! It’s great because this show really needed a boost it was starting to get a tad bit mundane and I guarantee that the drama Andrew stirred up tonight will keep things interesting for a few days at least! It’s really too bad Andrew didn’t know about the Brigade…then he could have spilled the beans on their “secret” operation! Now that he is gone how much do you wanna bet, that the house will fall in to disarray since they kicked their “maid” out! Another thing I took away from this episode is how much Kristen likes to yell & scream at people when she’s fighting! Oh…and one more thing Rachel needs a new “farewell” message…we don’t need to hear about you and your man anymore…it’s annoying and gross!

Unfortunately, that brings us to the HOH competition…The actual game was slightly funny with all the fur flying between Rachel and Kristen! The end result was not as exciting with Rachel winning the HOH for the second time, as if it wasn’t bad enough the first time around! This is where I roll my eyes and *sigh*…I’m sure a lot of people did! Rachel was way too excited, spastic and over the top when she won HOH – rolls eyes again! OK I’ve had enough talking about this..moving on to…this new saboteur thing…Really? Seriously CBS, kicking that dead horse stopped being fun along time ago! Do something different and fun…earn those paychecks! I know I’m not a fountain of creativity either, but that’s OK because I don’t work for CBS! Other than that, there is not much else to talk about…I bet the live feeds of after the show were great! So now we wait, and wonder what Sunday’s episode will bring, until then…

Quote of the Day: “I know that Brendon will be sewing the fringe on the bag that he’s giving to Rachel that holds his testicles” ~HampsterDame via Twitter ^_^


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1 Response to OH SNAP! Big Brother – EPIC Speech!

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    ANDREW IS THE MAN!!! This is the kind of Big Brother entertainment I’m used to. Word through the twitter line is that Andrew took the king piece off the chess board and left the house with it. Too bad no one seems to have noticed, lol. Seriously, the remaining houseguests don’t even know how to play chess.

    I hate Rachel. I wanted to throw up when she won HOH. I won’t be watching much of the live feeds this week. UGH

    I agree with you about the new sabatuer thing. It is dumb and you’d think CBS would be more creative if they wanted to replace the fun of the idea since it didn’t work out. I do think it would be entertaining to see Ragan get it. According to the twitter world, Enzo is in the lead with the most votes and Ragan and Matt are tied for second.

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