Finally this show gets interesting with all the fur flying and yelling and screaming…it’s great! Bravo Andrew, thank you for stirring things up a bit on your way out! The cat fight that ensued after the HOH competition was so funny, Kristen smacking her hands together and screaming at Rachel was entertaining but probably not the best idea! Like Rachel said talking about nominations “thanks for making my mind up for me!” How true that was, with Hayden and Kristen now on the block I’m pretty sure Kristen is going home. Then again I could be wrong, she might stay! Ragan, Enzo and Lane were totally enjoying the front row seats to the chick fight! Kristen needs to learn some better insults though, calling Rachel a Ho-bag and saying shes jealous of her…LMAO…yup I’m sure Rachel is jealous of Kristen’s 1980’s Jane Fonda attire!

After everyone had time to cool off Hayden decided to be the bigger man and apologize to Rachel, only because she won the HOH but still he apologized! Later on Rachel tries to apologize to Kristen and she just continues to be a bitch and will not accept her apology, stupid, stupid move..bye bye Kristen! Everyone else in the house is pretty much kissing Rachel’s ass…ugh…shoot me now!

That brings us to the Luxury competition where they can win a chance to watch the new movie “The Other Guys” oh joy! So the competition is a obstacle course, and the fastest time wins. First up is Red team with Lane, Matt & Britney all jammed in to this little plastic cop car thing and they do pretty good with Lane plowing his way through all the obstacles they end with a time of 52 seconds. Up next is the yellow team with Ragan, Kristen & Kathy and they did AWFUL, they basically just walked through the course and ended with a time of 2 min. 18 seconds! Last was the green team with Enzo, Brendon & Hayden, these guys just blew through the course and took the win with a time of just 47 seconds…yeah!

The episode continues with Rachel and Britney taking a bubble bath together and talking smack about how Kristen is so much cooler than them…HAHA…right, well moving on! Then we have Kathy attempting damage control, she goes to the HOH room and chats with Brenchel (**GAG**) about the nominations. Kathy’s curious as to weather or not Rachel will put her up on the block because Kathy think’s she has struggled enough, OH please…losing every single competition she has been in…yeah that’s struggling! Nearing the end of the episode Kristen finally goes to the HOH room to do, something, she didn’t apologize but she didn’t really make things worse, so I don’t know I guess she just wanted things to be civil between them? The episode ends with the nominations and no big surprise Rachel picks Kristen and Hayden. Now according to the live feed people and the twitter peeps Rachel’s little “reasons why she nominated them” speech was WAY longer and WAY ruder than what CBS actually aired, which sucks because I really wanted to see some more yelling and screaming and all that…so BOO on you CBS way to be all lame and censor the show! I guess that’s about it for this episode, can’t wait to see what other drama ensues on the next episode, until then…

FYI: Andrew did steal the King from the chess set before he left…NICE ONE! Also according to the Tweets Rachel & Brendon had sex on the show…first time in Big Brother history apparently…EWW!


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One Response to Big Brother DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA…

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    Cool pic! I bet it took forever to gray those losers out! lol. Props to Andrew again for stirring things up. Andrew was recently spotted tweeting “Yes, I’m glad to have ruined their game, the one that they don’t even know how to play”. Hell ya, buddy. Good for you. You are now my favorite houseguest of the season, sorry you’re not in the house any more. Wonder what his gf/ex gf thinks of all this. Will they get back together now that she knows they broke up because he was selected to be on the show!
    Ho bag Kristen is totally getting evicted tonite. Can’t say I really care. She’s dumb and uninteresting. Even her fighting with Rachel is crappy. Don’t know what it is about her, but she just gives me seriously high uninteresting vibes. I might miss making fun of her clothing. MIGHT. I heard her say on the live feeds that she has no where to go and no money and no job when she leaves the BB house. Apparently, she was counting on at least making it to the jury house and didn’t think being evicted and getting fired would be something she would have to deal with at this point in time. How nice of Ragan to offer his place to Kristen. Actaully, he offered it to both Hayden and Kristen. He said who ever gets evicted can stay at his place for awhile. I think Kristen is full of crap and using this as an excuse for people to keep her in the game. I love how the Brigade has not been found out. Things would be totally different if it were known. Wonder how long that will last.

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