Big Brother and the Hippy-Tard (>_<)

I totally have to get this off my chest first…Kristen in the Hippy-tard…classic! Really I totally think it suits her style, I bet she even owns a few unitards, so funny! The wig was gross…I agree with Enzo on that it totally looks like a Little Orphan Annie knock-off! Speaking of Kristen, she got evicted and still had to wear the Hippy-tard, I laughed pretty hard! I figured she would be the one to go because she pretty much only had one person on her side, that being Kathy! Before I get to far ahead of myself lets talk about the Wednesday show!     

So this episode stared off with the usual snippets of what happened the last time on Big Brother, like I said before CBS did a number on Rachel’s nominations speech and edited out most of it…so now in the After Math of the situation Brendon thinks that Rachel went over board and should apologize for being way out of line…and she does sort of…saying if you took offence to anything I said then I’m sorry, yah whatever! What CBS didn’t show you was (got this info from my Tweeps) that Brendon also went and apologized to Kristen and Hayden for Rachel’s CRAZY behaviour! That takes us to the POV competition which is called Wizards of Pinball, there is a giant pinball table and the competitors are dressed as wizards and witches. I do have to say this game was pretty intense! The players were Hayden, Kristen, Rachel, Britney, Ragan and Enzo! Rachel picked Brendon to be the host, UGH! So the object of the game is to get the highest score each round and the person with the lowest score each round is out of the game but guess what…the loser gets to pick a consolation prize…so after round 1 Kristen loses, only scores a 2 but she picks the POV for her prize! The next person eliminated was poor Ragan and he wins a Veto Ticket – which  guarantees he has a spot in the next veto game! Enzo gets eliminated next and wins a 3D flat screen TV…nice! Next out is Rachel…haha…she gets a second chance ticket, so she picks Ragan to send back in the game and takes his Veto ticket, didn’t matter Ragan is back out in the next round and he wins $5,000 and Ragan being the smart one decides to trade his money for the veto ticket so the target is off his back and now on Rachel’s! The final round…and Britney wins the game! Hayden claims his prize which turns out to be the HIPPY-TARD…hell yes! Hayden is like “oh! Hell NO!” and trades Kristen for the POV…hahaha…so sorry Kristen! Britney finally gets to claim her prize and she gets 24 Hours of Solitary confinement, what, naturally she decides to trade that prize and she takes the POV from Hayden, lol in your face! This was a very entertaining game and the prizes & punishments were Great too! Hayden has to spend 24 Hours in the Have not room and he only gets Bread, water & slop…yummy! Kristen cries but on the upside she gets to wear the Hippy-tard until she leaves! Lane comments “Damn, peace never looked so good!” After Hayden’s 24 hours in solitary he also thought Kristen looked Damn hot! Then the winners of the luxury competition got to watch The Other Guys movie…YEAH!     

So…Britney now holds the Power of Veto! There was all this talk between Rachel, Britney, Hayden, Kristen and Brendon to use the POV and pull off Hayden and put up Kathy in his place. Hayden comes at Rachel with this big ‘ol fake plan to be in an Alliance with Rachel, Brendon, Kristen and himself! Rachel calls him on his BS and tells Britney that she might put up Lane instead of Kathy. Since Britney and Lane have been getting along rather well naturally Britney didn’t like this idea and her and Rachel then decide not to use the POV on anyone. This is where CBS decides to step in mess things up…according to my Tweeps…Britney was going to go and tell Hayden & Kristen that she was not going to use the POV but before she could go do that Big Brother calls her to the Diary Room and right after that they hold the Veto Meeting. Unsuspecting Hayden and Kristen give their final speechs and both of their pleas were rather boring! When Britney said she was NOT going to use the POV to save anyone both Hayden and Kristen were all WTF? 

Will he become the next Saboteur?

Now on to Thursdays episode…blah blah hippy-tard blah blah…Kristen gets the BOOT! The funniest part of the entire episode is when Britney and Matt put on Rachel’s hair extensions and start making fun of her and then Rachel walks in! Britney thinks she’s busted but Rachel thinks the “highest form of flattery is making fun of someone” ummm…OK, then I do it all the time! Oh…when Britney mentions Ragan’s stinky farts…that was funny too! Then we go to the little Family segment…showing Hayden’s mom and how she thinks Kristen is crazy LOL! Then comes Kristen’s family and OH DAMN! Kristen had a boyfriend on the outside…whoops! Looks like she’ll be homeless, jobless and alone when she leaves! As I said already Kristen is the one that gets voted out….awww!  Not really a big loss though, she was Ok,  just seriously lacking in Character! During the Good-Bye messages she stayed fairly straight face except when Rachel called her a “trifling Ho” she was a little shocked but when Hayden divulged he was in an Alliance her face didn’t change at all…not shocked nothing, whatever…BYE Kristen! Now we move on to the “New Saboteur” thing…UGH…I said it before and I’ll say it again, this idea is Old News, it didn’t work out first off why bother trying it again…really! The new Saboteur thing will be presented as a Pandora’s Box thing…I’ve never seen Big Brother before this season so if I understand this right, the Pandora’s Box will be given to the HOH and they can choose whether or not to open it. If not opened then the Saboteur idea will once again be moot! If opened then there’s a new Saboteur, this was a viewers choice thing and you could text to vote and Ragan ends being the most popular choice! If this all pans out and Pandora’s Box is opened I think Ragan will do a good job at being Saboteur…better than Annie did at least…if all else fails he could just fart all the time! 

Finally, nearing the end of the show we come to the HOH competition which is *Suprise* another endurance challenge! In this challenge the players are standing on a little ledge on the outside of a giant paint can with nothing but a bar to hold onto. The giant paint can spins round and round and they also get smacked in the face with a big paint brush and sprayed with paint, the last one on is HOH first one to fall will be the only have not for the week! The show ends with everyone still spinning in circles…now we have to wait till Sunday to see who wins HOH…until then….
According to the live feed Tweeps the HOH competition is lame…the whole thing lasted about 45 min. give or take and the first one to fall was Kathy…DUH…she loses every single competetion…No joke!
The last two again are Ragan and Matt and I don’t know if a deal was made or what really happened but I do know that Matt wins the HOH again!
** Sorry this was such a long Blog **

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