Big Brother’s new Saboteur!


Picking up where we left off on Thursday’s show the housemates are doing another endurance challenge to see who gets to be the new HOH and we already know that Kathy was the first one down and the only have not for the week! Matt proves to be victorious for the second time and wins Head of Household. I do think this challenge worked in his favor though, ya know cuz he’s a hobbit all small and shit. He was totally comfortable spinning around on that paint can…everyone else wimped out all quick like…”oh my arms are burning“…boo hoo tough it out, be a man! You would think that with all the athletic people in the house they would be able to last a bit longer in these challenges but NO the littlest & scrawniest guy is kicking ass! Shortly after Kathy jumps off the Jersey boy Enzo follows, then off goes Brendon…hahaha…then Rachel gets all pissy and is like OMG I’ve won HOH twice and you can’t even do it once – LOL! With the paint brush smacking away Lane jumps off followed closely by Britney and Hayden, which leaves us with Ragan and Matt again. Now the paint can starts spinning faster and they are getting sprayed more and more and Ragan finally jumps off  the whole game lasted an hour and 10 minutes. With Matt wining the HOH Brenchel goes in to panic mode and they should be worried because nobody likes them! Now in the HOH room where everybody was all “Yeah Matt’s stuff blah blah blah” and then one by one everybody starts to trickle out of the HOH room until the last person remains and then they are the one who is stuck in there with Brendon & Rachel…UGH…and poor, poor Matt is the one that got trapped! Cut to a bit later…Matt enters the HOH room and (Drum Roll) we have the Pandora’s Box thing. where you can get something good along with the bad…and so Matt chooses to open Pandora’s Box. He earned the Diamond POV ohhhh! It’s basically like the regular POV except there is an added bonus you also get to pick the replacement nominee but it can only be used once in one of the next two evictions and he has to keep this power a secret or he loses it! Now Matt has to prep the rest of the house for the incoming bad news so he here he goes making up lies, he tells them he only got a $1 and now there’s going to be something bad happening and NOBODY bought it! They all think Matt’s full of shit and he made “Bank” and didn’t want to tell anyone cuz he doesn’t want a target on his back.

Ragan The New Saboteur!

Now the bad news, somehow CBS managed to bring the Saboteur back from the dead…Great…but now there are stipulations to being the saboteur, you have to pull off at least 3 pranks a week, don’t get found out and don’t get kicked out for 2 weeks and you get 20,000 dollars! Ragan really debated whether or not to take it and in the end he didn’t want to disappoint the viewers so he decided to be the next Saboteur! Personally I thought the Saboteur idea was retarded and laughed when Annie, the former saboteur was the FIRST one to go! I do think Ragan will do a good job at being the saboteur because he is kind of a floater but everyone seems to like him. He should be able to make it two more weeks easily because this week it will either be Brendon or Rachel that goes home then the next time around I think it will be Kathy and the surviving half of Brenchel, so that right there is two weeks he may even last longer because there is still Britney and I think the Brigade will try and get the females off the show first! So if he plays his cards right and doesn’t get founds out then I think he’ll make it – Good Luck Ragan, may the force be with you!

If Ragan didn’t have it bad enough Rachel starts in with her damn attitude, OMG….enough…shut up! After all that pathetic drama Rachel tries to salvage the wreck she has caused and chats up Matt about trying to stay in the house! Then we go back to the announcement of the new saboteur and everyone is shocked, so there you have it, your bad repercussion from opening Pandora’s Box! Finally we can get to the nominations, totally my favorite part of the show because Brenchel goes up on the block *Doin’ the Happy Dance* with nominations adjourned we cut to Rachel crying (>_<) and whining and feeling like a lost wrinkly puppy that needs more botox…boo hoo…hahahaha…hehehehehe…hahahaha!!! Now we wait till Wednesday to see who wins the POV game or you could just scroll down and find out now or not, whatever, until then…


  • This was on a twitter from someone but I thought it was funny: Why is it Brenchel…why can’t Rachel’s name be first, that makes Radon and that stuff Kills! I thought it was so funny and very fitting!
  • Britney wins POV and word is she is not going to use it on Brenchel – YEAH!

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