Big Brother whatever!

♥ Jeff & Jordan ♥

This episodes starts off with the dreaded Brenchel all crying and stuff…BARF…and the female half of Brenchel is being childish and throwing a hissy fit, OMG get over it, you’re going home! Moving on, all the Housemates get to practice for the upcoming POV competition and this time around they are doing Bowling and everyone except Brenchel is out practicing & then Rachel starts crying AGAIN! I so hope she is the one that goes home, I can not stand her “I’m at my lowest point” whinny bull shit anymore (rolls eyes) Later on in the night or should I say early morning at like 4 AM Brenchel decides to practice the bowling by themselves, but all that late night training didn’t do them any good because they did AWFUL in the competition lol. So on to the POV game the players are Matt, Ragan, Kathy, Britney and Brenchel. The game starts off with a visit from Jeff and Jordan last seasons showmance couple, they will be hosting the POV game. The game starts off with Rachel and she gets 6 pins and Rachel challenges Kathy. Kathy does great first off and knocks down 2 pins right away and then she gets nothing until the last 5 pins and then she knocks them all down and she cheers for herself & it pisses off Rachel. How dumb is she she boasts about every single thing she wins and then gets all offended and butt hurt because someone else does what she does all the damn time…OMG! Anyways next up is Brendon and he scores a 3 and on his last roll he totally chucked the mini bowling ball and it flew off course, way to be a good spot there Brendon! Britney is the one that’s up against Brendon and she blows him away with 5 pins, then Brendon really acts all childish and starts pouting and whining! After Brenchel got knocked out the rest of the players are having a good ‘ol time and are pretty much playing for fun and in the end Britney wins it with a perfect game and takes the POV, she has become the POV Queen, she now has won the last 3 POV competitions in a row!

Now we have the immature Brenchel picking fights with people right and left, Kathy, Ragan, Britney….the gruesome twosome just will not stop! They both need to go, I really, really, really hope Big Brother does a double elimination this time and both of them go, that would be awesome!!! Then they could be a nappy…er, I mean happy little couple in the Jury House. OK before I throw up, I’m going to stop talking about them.

Ragan gets his first task as the new saboteur, which is from someone on the Internet and they suggest to Ragan to try and turn Brendon and Rachel against each other. This was a good idea, I guess…if only it would have worked, oh well, better luck next time Ragan! The funny thing is that everyone now thinks Rachel is the Saboteur…lol…all the more reason to send her packing!

With Britney holding the POV Rachel tries to convince her to use it on her or Brendon and even goes so far as to bribe Britney with the $5000 she had won in another competition. Britney refuses to use the POV on anyone…sorry Brenchel! In light of this situation Brendon tries to be Rachel’s “night in shining armour”…gag me with a spork…Brendon’s idea is to be a dick to everyone and get them all to hate him so that he gets voted out and Rachel stays. Brendon tries to pull a Captain Kosher and gives this lame, snotty speech…whatever nice try! Rachel’s speech involved crying and begging..blah blah blah…go home already! Crosses fingers and hopes for a Double elimination! That brings us to the end of the show for today and now we wait to see who goes home (Happy Dance) the male or the female part of Brenchel, until then…


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