Big Brother – Bye Bye Rachel (^_^)


      Welcome to Big Brother where we get to break up Brenchel…YEAH!!! We start this episode out with Ragan calling Brendon a neanderthal, great way to start the show and Brendon’s  Jack ass antics continue as he tries to sabotage himself…ah but to no avail because your stripper girl is going home. The down side to this is that Brendon is still there and on top of that he is going to make it miserable for all the other housemates, can things get any worse, maybe they can….but that’s secret for now! Then we have more of Rachel crying and Britney doing some Brendon bashing and all the while the Alliance is sitting pretty. I do think that the brigade will be the final four, but with this show you never know. While Brendon is trying to piss everyone off, Rachel tries to make amends with Ragan. The whole thing turns into a mini bitch fight and ends with Rachel crying…and Ragan could care less! Then here comes the gorilla, Brendon goes off on Ragan without even knowing what was going on…he’s just making himself out to be the bad guy! This is all going according to Brendon’s plan, I guess, to get everyone to hate him so that he goes home and Rachel stays.  They both suck and everyone hates them so deciding which will go home seems to be a little bit up in the air at the moment….

      Now on to Ragan’s next mission as the saboteur, he chooses to go with a strategic plan instead of a prank. The idea is to make everyone think that no matter who they vote out, Brenchel might not go home…OH NOOOOO!!!!! Rachel and Brendon get all happy and giggly for a little while at least. The rest of the house is in disarray and have no idea what to expect next. Good job Ragan your plotting worked this time!

      On to the little side story about Brendon’s ex-fiance and she knows all to well the way Brendon is, she says it’s like deja vu! How he acts and all the crap he pulls and so on and so on…on to the eviction…woot! Rachel starts with her “last Speech” and she wasn’t as cheesy as I though she was going to be and bowed out quite gracefully. Brendon’s speech on the other hand was just plain BAD trying to pull another Captain Kosher, he would have been better off flat out shit talking them on live TV, that would have been cool! The voting  begins and one by one each house guest casts their votes and every single one of them voted to kick Rachel to the curb! When Rachel leaves she only says good bye to Brendon and heads on out the door – bye bye Rachel! The good bye messages to Rachel were fairly nice they could have been meaner, Britney’s was funny, poking fun at her and in Brendon’s message he almost started crying,  all butt hurt and stuff…that was pretty amusing!

      Nearing the end of the show we finally get to the HOH competition. In this challenge the players are all strapped to ropes that are sort of tangled around this big grid thing and they have to untangle themselves and reach the other side who ever is fastest wins. while trying to maneuver they way through they also have to deal with feathers and water falling down on them and to top it off it’s all muddy. By the end of the show everyone is still moving through the course and all appeared to be tied except for Kathy, she was lagging behind. With that ladies and gentleman we come to the end of the show. What will Sundays episode have in store for us and who will win HOH, until then…




*the following is curtesy of my Tweeps*
Unfortunatly Brendon wins the HOH – OMGWTF?
It will be Eggplant & Escargot for the Have Not’s

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