Big Brother’s Neanderthal


Brendon is HOH – WTF?

      This episode starts us out at the HOH competition which is the untangle yourself thing…Brendon started to pull away from everyone about half way. Kathy of course is dead last followed closely by Enzo. Lane tries to catch up to the Neanderthal and gets pretty close but Brendon win the HOH competition…OMG really what was he thinking? I totally though he wanted to get kicked out so he could snuggle up with Rachel in the Jury House…what an idiot! After Brendon wins HOH he goes into Douche Bag mode and gets all “you all better watch out, I’m gonna get you back for Rachel”…blah blah blah…whatever, moving on! This house sure has some crazy secret alliances going on, sure there is the brigade, then we also have the supposed Ragan & Matt alliance, the Britney & whoever ass she feels like kissing alliance (LOL) and then Hayden and Enzo go and for this secret alliance with Brenchel…WHAT? It’s crazy, madness I tell ya! Moving on again…Lane makes me laugh sometimes with his funny comments…Brendon has RABIES!!! So Brendon being the HOH this week gets to pick the three people to be “have nots” and surprise he picks Britney, Ragan and Matt and LMAO they have to eat Eggplant and Escargot ewwww….

      Next up we have a message from the Saboteur…which was confusing…and made everyone suspect Britney and Kathy for something…I dunno, this was a lame Saboteur move and it didn’t really work very well! I’d much rather see some pranks pulled by the Saboteur, like tying everyone’s underwear together and string it all over the house…or something like that! That’s pretty much it for this episode…so until next time…


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