Big Brother Chaos!

Brendon's room gets TPed (^_^)

       I first off wanna point something out before I go in to all the Big Brother stuff, I was looking through the photos and came across this photo…so funny…looks like Brendon’s HOH room got TPed – great stuff!

      Alright on to the episode this show starts off with picking people for the POV competition. For that we have Brendon, Lane, Ragan, Kathy, Enzo and Hayden, with Britney and Matt sitting out. The game starts with a Nutty Robot waking everyone up and talking smack and this thing is the host for the Veto competition. This contest is one of skill you have to put together a puzzle that spells VETO but they contestants also have to balance on a beam and a rotating platform with out falling off, if you fall your out! The first one out is, guess who? YUP Kathy, she totally falls off the beam way early on in the competition. The other players are giving good effort but the puzzle proves to be too much for Hayden, Enzo and Lane who just seem to struggle through the whole thing. Ragan is just flying through the puzzle and is way a head of everyone…and stupid Brendon tries to cheat off Ragan but he fails miserably and so Ragan takes the POV – good job! So now he gets to stay and that means he also gets his 20 grand for doing the Saboteur stuff!

      Now we have another Pandora’s Box thingy, Brendon decides to go for it thinking that he will get a vacation with Rachel…hahaha HELL NO! Brendon got to spend 24 hours in a luxurious private mansion in Malibu all by himself…now the BAD part of Pandora’s Box, Rachel got let back in to the house for 24 hours…UGH GAG!!! Poor people…so Ragan and Rachel are going at it and Ragan is just creaming Rachel, putting her down and belittling her right and left…so funny! I wish she would have cried, that would have been great! At the end of the Rachel’s 24 hour reign of terror she leaves Brendon a message in pretzels telling him to put up Matt because Brendon can’t think for himself and of course he does what she says…that boy is bitch whipped!

      Now a little side note from the Saboteur…he announces that there will be a competition tomorrow and everyone should get some sleep…then the Saboteur goes and wakes everyone up like 6 times before he tells everyone that there is no competition and he was just fucking with you…LOL that one was funny and worked out pretty well….YEAH for Ragan!

      On to the Veto meeting and of course Ragan uses the POV on himself, DUH! Now Brendon has to pick a new replacement to go up on the block and he decides to put up Matt (rolls eyes) but hey it’s all cool, Matt is sitting pretty on his Diamond POV and really has no worries. It would be awesome if you could put up anyone with the Diamond POV including the HOH then Matt could pull himself off and put up Brendon….it makes me smile just thinking about it (^_^) but sadly that’s not the case but Matt does get to pick someone to go up in his place and I really hope her puts up Kathy, she sucks! The only other person he might put up would be Britney and that would be cool too, but I highly doubt that he will because Lane and Britney are “Friends” and Matt is still part of the brigade and can’t do anything to jeopardize that….even though the brigade would be just fine and dandy without Matt. LOL backstabber’s the lot of them! With that we come to a close, now we have to wait till the next episode, until then…


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