Big Brother & the Diamond POV


Big Brother's Matt Hoffman

     This episode starts us out at the POV meeting where Brendon put Matt up on the block to replace Ragan who won the POV competition, now there are two brigade members up on the block…DANG! So with this Brendon thinks Matt is going to the Jury House…lol…NOT! Matt holds the Diamond POV and has no worries. Poor Ragan thinks Matt might be going home and they have their little semi-showmance thingy going…awww…how cute! The brigade is siding with Lane, for shame…I think Matt should have put up Enzo only because I don’t like him! Matt totally needs a new alliance…or not one at all, and just do things his way & win the whole damn game! In case you couldn’t tell I’m a bit of a Matty fan ^_^        

      On to the saboteur’s last act of sabotage…Ragan chooses to do a prank, he writes a note saying “I know your secret” and puts it under Enzo’s pillow. When Enzo finds the note Kathy is close by and tells Enzo she had made his bed for him and the note wasn’t there before, so now Kathy is under suspicion of being the saboteur…hahaha…that’s cool! Enzo is a tiny bit worried that the Saboteur knows about the secret alliance between him, Hayden, Lane and Matt. So this act of sabotage was fairly successful and nobody even suspects little ‘ol Ragan!       

      Finally we get to the Eliminations, as Julie Chen is talking to the housemates, you know Matt can’t hardly keep from smiling because he has in his hands an awesome power LMAO! Before we get to that though we have the mini series of the “meet every one’s families” thing. This time we get to see Britney and Lane’s family and both families think that those two are quite close and maybe even a little too friendly with each other. We didn’t get to hear from Britney’s fiancee, I wonder why? Maybe he doesn’t even exist and that fancy ring Britney is wearing is just a fake…who knows! I do think the two hillbilly peeps would make a cute couple, you can totally tell they dig each other. I think it’s funny how Lane manhandles Britney and the play flirting they do, Lane could totally bench press Britney or even throw her across the room. *snicker*      


      Time for Matty to make Brendon feel like a total moron – YEAH -Matt is up first with his final speech plea and he plays it wonderfully. Calling Brendon a big dummy before he whips out the Diamond POV…hahaha in your face Brenchel!!! Matt naturally pulls himself off the block, now he has to pick who to goes up in his place as a replacement nominee. It’s a bummer that he can’t put up Brendon, instead he decides to put up Kathy. I think that is a great choice, she should have gone home long ago. Now Lane and Kathy plead their cases but it really doesn’t matter because Lane has the brigade backing him and Kathy has been a floater that loses everything so nobody will be too broken hearted when she is picked to go! The voting starts with Hayden and of course he chooses to vote out Kathy. Up next is Enzo and same for him, he picks Kathy to go. Ragan comes in the room and almost looks to be in tears and votes out Kathy. The last two to vote are Matt and Britney, they both vote to evict Kathy, so it’s unanimous Kathy is Gone! Hope you have fun Kathy, in the Jury house with nasty Rachel…hahahaha! Kathy hugs just about everyone and leaves, since this was unexpected she didn’t have any bags nor did she get any good bye messages…awww how sad! Good for Kathy though she was very humble and accepted her fate of being kicked out and doesn’t hold any grudges or anything and props to her she looked quite cute when she left.      

      Up next the Head Of Household competition, in this game the contestants have to use their memory. The day or so before the house guests got to play Big Brothers version of Simon Say’s. So Big Brother makes everyone do a variety of odd and goofy things like a group hug for 5 minutes, getting down on all fours and howling at the moon and so on. The game starts with Julie asking the house guests about what Big Brother said the other day, and the answer to each question is either True or False. In the first round Ragan and Hayden both answered wrong and were eliminated. The next round Matt got eliminated but I think he totally threw that one! Then Lane got his answer wrong and was also eliminated. Down to Britney and Enzo, they both hang in there for a few rounds but in the end Britney wins the HOH…woot…the only girl left in the house wins the HOH! I wonder who Britney will put up for elimination…Brendon for sure LOL but who will the other one be…Matt, Enzo or Ragan maybe. Guess we will have to just wait and see, also there is going to be a double eviction on Thursday OMG DRAMA, so until then…      


Did you know that this is not the first time Matty has been on Reality TV – he was on Average Joe in 2005      

Matty also has his own little band called Shooting Blanks – see video below      


Bonus: The Have Not’s this week are Brendon, Hayden and Enzo and they get to eat Broccoli and Bean Dip


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