Big Brother Stuff!

      This episode starts us off at the normal recap of the last show, showing us how the brigade turned on Matt and now they are accusing him of turning on them…what jerks! Hayden and Enzo told Matty he was going home, but hell no he had the DPOV…I bet they are regretting their actions now – losers! Stupid Brendon is all butt hurt over Matt calling him a big dummy…he was just stating the obvious…no harm no foul! Ragan is like a Drag Queen who just got a role on Broadway…happy his snuggle buddy Matt is staying. Other than Ragan’s Bromance love for him poor Matt is getting some shitty treatment, just for that I hope he wins! Now the brigade is all brawn and no brains, Good Luck fellas!

Kathy did get a good bye message from Lane saying I barely noticed you were there but thanks for doing my laundry…hahaha! That’s that now everyone left in the house is a fighter, no more floaters or losers, oh wait Enzo is still there. I do feel sorry for Kathy though she has to spend her remaining time at the Jury House with Rachel.

      Moving on to Britney and her winning the HOH, I wanna say Yeah the only girl won the HOH but at the same time it’s Britney and I guess she’s OK but her snotty attitude grates on my nerves! Enzo is freaking out because Britney won, I think it’s funny! I’d love to see Enzo go but I’m pretty sure Brendon will be the next one to be kicked to the curb, unless he wins POV….that would suck! The funny thing is Brendon thinks he is safe because of the deal he made with Britney, boy is he in for a rude awakening! Back to Britney’s HOH room, so they all go in happily and see her stuff and there are a few pictures that get made fun of, her Beauty Pageant picture where she looks all walleyed and crazy. Then the pic of her fiancee, who is a gnarly eyesore that pales in comparison to Lane. Then Britney read her letter from home and 5 words into it she is in tears and so is Ragan…umm OK…the letter was short and sweet. That damned fiancee should have written her, Men – ya can’t live with ’em and ya can’t kill ’em! well, that wraps up the Britney’s HOH room segment…kinda short huh?

      Now we have our random house moments! Britney, Ragan and Matt are discussing who to put up on the block this week, and duh Enzo and Brendon’s names come up quickly. They do have a point in saying Enzo has never been on the block and he “needs a taste” that’s a perfectly valid reason, that and he’s a rat! I say this because Enzo really tried sucking up to Matt but Matt is smarter than that and won’t be fooled by Enzo and his conniving ways! Then we have Lane the muscle head who thinks it would be fun to bench press ALL of the weights in the house…it’s like 305 or so pounds…is he nuts? Well, after I saw him in the DR (Diary Room) I can affirm it, yes folks Lane is completely bonkers! As the Star Wars music plays in the background Lane does 3 presses, I think, that boy just runs off adrenalin…he’s going to give himself a hernia one of these days! Back to talking about Matt, this guy is too funny, talking about his homosexual showmance and a shirtless Hayden dream, he blames the house…it’s making him crazy!  Now Brendon is back talking to Britney about their “deal” whatever bud, you suck, and Britney is going to tell you whatever you want to hear, she did it with Rachel she’ll do it with Brendon!

      Up next is the “Have” & “Have not” competition, and Britney comes in looking like a Alice in Wonderland stripper, but the game is about Lawmen & Outlaws (confused face goes here) this game is a ‘ol west drinkin’ game…yeehaw! The game goes like this, there are 2 teams with 3 players each and each player will get a drink but 1 drink is a nasty one, if the other team can guess who got the gross drink on the opposing team they get a point…blah blah blah. The Outlaw team of Ragan, Matt and Lane are up first to drink and both Ragan and Matt try and play off that the drink was horrid and Lane is straight faced. The Lawmen team of Hayden, Brendon and Enzo guessed that Matty had the bad drink and were correct, one point to them. In the next round the Lawmen are the one’s to drink and the Outlaws guessed correctly by picking Brendon, they too get 1 point. The game is tied, back to the Outlaws drinking and again they all try to play it up as a nasty drink, the Lawmen picked Ragan the drama Queen but sadly they were wrong, Lane got the drink that time, no point for them. Now the Lawmen are up to drink and they also make some weird faces, the Outlaws picked Enzo and were also wrong, Brendon got the nasty drink, no point round again. The next round the Lawmen guess wrong again, still no points and the game is still tied. The next round goes to the Outlaws who got the answer right and they take the lead. In the final round the Lawmen guessed WRONG…hahaha….so Hayden, Brendon and Enzo are the “Have Not’s” for the week and they get to eat Broccoli and bean dip, that wouldn’t be too bad.

     Cut to later where Britney, Ragan, Matt and Lane are hanging out in the backyard when a giant moth attacks. Britney and Ragan get all girly & freak out, come on, really…it’s just a moth!

      Then we have more talks about who to nominate to be on the block, and the brigade is trying to convince Britney to put Matt up on the block to be a pawn. OMG don’t trust them they might just be pricks and vote Matty out and keep Brendon the idiotic neanderthal. In the end Britney picks Brendon and Enzo, good girl! Enzo claims he’s going to win the POV and get Matty put up on the block….right, since when has Enzo won anything? With that this episode come to an end, now we wait to see what Wednesday’s show will bring, until then…

P.S. Sorry Maria…I couldn’t crontrol myself! (T_T)


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2 Responses to Big Brother Stuff!

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    The next time your butt is late for the show, I’m not pausing it for you! Ha, so there

  2. Mariabfoxy says:

    I HATE YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    omg I can’t believe you watched it without me your F ing loser!

    LMAO you love this show! Now everyone knows. I’m not reading the rest of this til I get to watch the show. Can’t believe you watched it, shock and awe

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