♦~Double Eviction on Big Brother~♦

The final Five

      This crazy episode starts us off with the normal recap and we were left off at the nominations….with Enzo and Matty pitched again each other. Poor Matty still thinking he is in good with the brigade and totally oblivious to the fact that they were the ones that basically threw him under the bus…with a little nudge from Lane Britney does as she’s told like a good little doggy! The Brigades plan is to have Enzo, Lane and Hayden as the final three…hopefully Ragan or Britney will throw a wrench into their plans, I would hate to see the Brigade as the final three! Ragan is now on to Matt and how he is just in this game for himself, is acting VERY cold towards Matt. Matt is lost and confused wondering why his showmance cuddle buddy is mad at him and he figures it out and just knows that Britney narked him out to Ragan, and he goes in to defence mode. He tries to play the dumb role to Ragan and make it seem like he was just suggesting anyone to try and save himself and it really wasn’t just him he was fighting against. Ragan decides to do a little digging in to things and he totally figures out that Lane, Enzo, Hayden and Matt are in a secret alliance…well minus Matty now! Ragan confronts Matt about this and Matt initially denied the fact but then after a bit of thought he thinks this might actually work out in his favor and he tells the brigade that Ragan is suspicious of them being in an alliance. This does spark a bit of panic amongst the Brigade members and they are kind of having second thoughts about voting out Matt. Even though Matt gave everything he had in a last ditch effort it was all for nothing, in the end poor Matty is voted out with a vote of four to zero! I was so wishing Matt would have outed the brigade in his final speech, but sadly he didn’t.  On Matt’s way out he says good bye to everyone and is out the door to talk to Julie, his mini interview was short, sweet and slightly sad. The biggest regret Matt had in the house was the fact that he threw the last HOH competition…if he had stayed and won it he wouldn’t be going to the Jury House right now…so sad (T_T) Bye Bye Matty! One more thing Matt didn’t get any good bye messages from anyone…what a rip off!!!   

      Now we move on to the super fast paced Double eviction stuff! We start off with the HOH competition, this is a game of speed and brains. Julie asked the house guests a question that has two answers the house guest then has to dive in a pit of packing peanuts and dig around until they find both the answers the first person with both correct answers is the new HOH. This competition went very fast and at first it seemed like Brendon was going to win but then Hayden got both answers and zip up there and won it. Now Hayden being HOH only has minutes before he has to pick two people to put for eviction. The brigade plus Brendon have a quick mini conference and they tell Brendon he is going up as a pawn against Ragan and they promise him that Ragan will go and if Ragan happens to win the POV they will put up Britney for the replacement and Brendon will still stay….hahaha!   

      Before the house guests can catch their breath they are on to the POV competition, everyone is playing in this game. The game is another game where you have to use your brains, Julie will ask a question and the answer is either “Before” or “After” if you get an answer wrong your out of the game and the last person to get the correct answer wins the POV. The first and second rounds everyone got the right answer, in round three Enzo was the only one to get the wrong answer and is out. Round four Brendon gets the answer wrong and is out, haha you don’t get the POV, na na na na naa! The next person out is Britney so only Hayden, Ragan and Lane are left. In the final Round both Hayden and Lane answer wrong and that means Ragan is the winner of the POV!!! Then a few minutes later we have the POV ceremony and Ragan decides to use the POV on himself DUH! Now Hayden has to pick a replacement nominee and he chose to put up Britney in Ragan’s stead. Then we move quickly on to the voting, and I actually thought for a moment Britney might be the next one to go. The first up to vote is the penguin Enzo and he voted to evict Brendon and I was all OMG really, AWESOME! Then one after another the house guests voted to evict Brendon, this was the funniest and by far the greatest part of the entire episode. Brendon was actually not too shocked to be the one voted out and he said his good byes and left, he seemed sort of in shock and really couldn’t believe that all that just happened so fast! Brendon didn’t get any good bye messages either, which is all fine and dandy (^_^) Now we are down to the final five house guests and now we have to wait until Sunday to see who wins the new HOH competition, until then…


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1 Response to ♦~Double Eviction on Big Brother~♦

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    Hell ya this episode was crazy! I love a double eviction. Wish the houseguests didn’t know it was coming, though.

    I think Matt totally screwed himself. He shoulda been more intuititve and then he would see that campaining for Ragan to go up would turn everyone against him. That was his mistake and he got evicted because of it. Too bad cause Matt was entertaining.

    I thought it was stupid that after Hayden won HOH and the brigade minus matt gathered in the cabana room, Brendon took it upon himself to may think you’re with them, Brendon, but you’re not!

    I’m glad Ragan won the POV. I have mad repsect for nominees who fight and fight and win their own safety.

    I’m glad Brendon got evicted too! SPOILER ALERT: Rachel was not happy to see Brendon in the jury house. LOL. I thought she’d be thrilled but then I realized what amoney grubbing whore she is and now I feel stupid for thinking she wanted to see Brendon in the jury house right away. WHATEVER RACHEL! I HATE YOUR FACE. That’s our new bumber sticker, winner! Instead of Obama, it’s Rachel. LOL. I bet the superfans on twitter would totally buy it

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