NOOOooo… Big Brother!

      This episode starts us out at the aftermath of the nominations ceremony, Enzo is pissed, Brendon is pissed, the brigade is pissed, and Matty is all happy. Britney claims Brendon is her target and she wants him out, she tries to reassure Enzo that he’s only on the block to be used as a pawn and will not be voted out. Brendon goes into the have not room and sulks and talks to Rachel’s picture…FREAK! Now that there are fewer people you can almost see the tension in the air everyone is plotting this and that and betrayal is everywhere! The brigade has basically out casted Matt from their little alliance and have decided to replace him with Brendon, are these guys total morons, I mean really besides the one HOH has Brendon really won anything else…oh he did win 2 POV’s I think, but he’s still a douche. Matt on the other hand has won 2 HOH competitions, and…is that it? Well, I guess they are both evenly matched competitors, but Brendon is a douche! Matt is smart and has helped the Brigade out of a lot of shit…that leaves us with Enzo, Lane and Hayden…The Meow Meow is LAME, Hayden is a CREEP, Lane is well, Lane! Then these guys want to add Brendon into the mix…the neanderthal…it’s a stupid idea, but my opinion doesn’t matter, I’m just a spectator…BOO!

      Time to pick players for the Veto competition and (drum roll please) they are, Enzo, Brendon, Britney, Matt, Lane and Hayden. This Veto competition is set up like a Zoo with cages and crocodiles and the whole bit. This game is a prizes and punishments game where each player starts out with 50 points and then the host Ragan will offer up either a prize or a punishment the first person to buzz in claims the prize or punishment, if you take a prize you get points taken away, if you choose a punishment you get points added. The person with the most points at the end of the game win the POV. Brendon opts to take as many punishments as he can in order to win and he picked some pretty bad ones and in the end he wins the POV….NOOOO….this guy is like herpes, annoying, shameful and never goes away! Hayden “the Prick” decides to take a few of these prizes for himself…the loser takes home a trip to Hawaii and 5,000 bucks, what a scum bag! The other house guests pick a few punishments here and there and Lane took a prize…a phone call from home…not too big of a prize. Enzo did take some pretty bad punishments and he put up a good fight against Brendon but on the bright side he now has no clothes besides the clothes on his back and gets to wear and AWESOME penguin suit for a week. Brendon’s punishments really suck though not only for him but for Britney too, Why you ask, it’s because one of Brendon’s punishments is to be handcuffed to a house guest of his choice for 24 hours and he picks Britney just to be a dick. On top of that Brendon also choose the punishment of taking a CHUM bath once every hour…chum is like fish guts and nasty stuff and SMELLS, and this dope has to dunk himself in a giant tub of this every hour with Britney chained to him, having to endure the smell and worse Brendon’s presence. The Neanderthal also opted to shave his head bald to gain points, now Brendon looks like he’s ready for active duty. Poor Britney is having to endure some really crappy treatment being stuck to Brendon and all, and to top it all off Brendon is still not going to the Jury House this week…OMG can things get any worse? The most fucked up thing of the entire episode is when Hayden doesn’t step up and say he was the one that claimed the prizes instead everyone just assumes that Matt is the one that took the Vacation and Cash…for shame!!! The stupid brigade is trying to convince Britney to put up Matty – JERKS! Matt thinking he is still in good with his alliance tries to get the other guys to convince Britney to put up Ragan, WHY? Matt this wasn’t the smartest thing to do, throwing you only ally and friend in the house under the bus…these people man, the house is making everyone neurotic and stupid…oh and tearful too! With the brigade stabbing Matt in the back and Lane being Britney’s “friend” Matt really has no chance and further more a little bird whispers in Ragan’s ear that Matt is trying to throw him under the bus and have him be the one up on the block. This is just not working out in Matt’s favor and everyone ends up turning against him…too bad you don’t have another DPOV huh Matty? Well, it’s too bad and he was totally my favorite person on the show but I do think it’s safe to say Matt’s getting voted out! (T_T)  

   That brings us to the POV meeting where Brendon obviously decides to use the POV on himself. Now Britney has to pick a replacement nominee and Lane did his thing and he snuggled up to Britney and was all nice and supportive and all that BS  but in the end he is just trying to manipulate Britney to get things to go his and the brigades way by putting up Matty, and so she does. Now poor Matt is up on the block and is more than likely going to the Jury House to be with the nasty Rachel and Kathy who he just got kicked out…LOL…I mean, poor Matt!

     Oh yah one more thing there was another Pandora’s Box on this episode, I guess since the Saboteur thing was kind of lame, CBS has to add a bit of spice to the show, ya know to keep ratings up. Britney is faced with Pandora’s box and her option is some “advice” from a former house guest from a previous season, thinking this might be a good thing for her she decides to take it. This Pandora’s box however was a bad for the HOH and a good for everyone else, more torture for poor Britney. Britney has to spend one hour with Jesse and the advice he gives her is about Working out, she has to lift weights and all sorts of athletic stuff and the rest of the house got a “Tiki Party” with leis and fruity Hawaiian drinks and a BBQ and they had a good ‘ol time! The whole time Britney is working out she has to watch the rest of the house partying it up, this Pandora’s Box was funny as hell but kinda sad too but still funny! That just about wraps up this episode, until tomorrow, where we will probably say good bye to Matty and also get to have a Double eviction…yeah! Until then…


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