Big Brother & The Brigade

Big Brother Host: Julie chen

      We start off tonight’s episode with the usual recap of the last episode, showing things like the double eviction and Lane opening the Pandora’s Box that was rather crappy, Lane only got 91 dollars and some change and the rest of the house gets 3 punishments, we have already seen one, no cups and no silverware for a week, what will be the other two punishments be? We also saw the nominations of Enzo and Ragan… blah blah blah!      

      We pick up at the aftermath of the nominations, Enzo is pissed that Lane didn’t nominate Britney and Ragan! Ragan kind of figured this was coming because he totally knows about the brigade and on top of that Lane and Britney are all lovey dovey. Enzo is still in the penguin suit and I think it would have been funny if he got evicted wearing it but sadly his week of wearing the costume is officially over and they decided to have a “shunning” of the penguin suite, they all gathered and chanted and watched as Enzo removed the penguin suite. Enzo survived the penguin suite and he is hoping he survives the curse that comes with wearing a ridiculous costume on Big Brother, the curse of being evicted…will Enzo stay this week? I did mention this before but I will be sadly disappointed if the final 3 are all brigade members, and unfortunately things are leaning in that direction….BOO!      

      Poor Ragan is all by himself now and really has nobody to lean on anymore, yeah Britney is still kind of there for him and they are friends and all but Ragan knows if it came down to it Britney would choose Lane over him, so it’s pretty much the four of them against him. Ragan goes into power up mode and decides he is going to study up on random things and even bulk up a bit just doing anything to to try and give himself an edge in the upcoming veto competition, Woo Hoo Ragan, You Go Girl! It won’t be all bad for Ragan when he leaves, he is twenty thousand dollars richer already for being a successful Saboteur.      

      Moving on to the Veto competition, as the house mates make their way into the backyard they see a big set up that looks like a swamp, with a giant clam named Otev…clever CBS, Veto spelled backwards! The rules of the game are as follows: The ugly clam will sing a song about some of the people that have been on the show this season, and in the dirty and nasty water there are CD’s that have a combination of the house mates names on them. When the clam finishes the song that players have to jump in to the murky water and find the correct CD if they guess wrong then they are eliminated from the competition, the person to get all the answers right is the POV winner! The first rounds was intense, Britney found the correct CD first and was safe, followed closely by Enzo and Hayden. The last two were Ragan and Lane and Ragan found the CD first but Lane beat him back up the hill to the safe spot, so naturally everyone thought Ragan would be the one out. WRONG, Lane may have beat Ragan in speed but in brain power Lane fell short, he picked the wrong CD…hahaha…Lane is out in the first round! In round two Britney and Enzo find the correct answers right away, and Hayden and Ragan search desperately and Ragan ends up finding the CD first, therefore Hayden is eliminated that round. Down to Britney and the two people that are on the block, but in round 3 Britney is eliminated, now Enzo and Ragan have to battle it out. The final round…and commercial…and now we’re back, Enzo went all out in this round he shoved his way down the slide and leaped into the air and almost on top of Ragan to get to the CD first, it was almost literally a life or death situation, in the end Enzo wins the POV…his first time winning anything, BOO…. It’s almost certain now that Ragan will be the next to go. It was rather funny though Ragan threw his CD at the big clam and it bounced off and hit Enzo right in the head LOL! The stupid Meow Meow starts boasting about winning, OMG Enzo is such a narcissistic prick! All this makes Ragan feel even more crappy and alone aww… now it’s up to Lane to pick either Britney or Hayden to go up against Ragan. Hayden and Enzo are secretly talking about Lane putting up Britney and voting her out to separate those two…evil plotting is afoot!   

      The Pandora’s Box punishment #2 everyone in the house gets a happy little sock puppet and have to use it every time they talk for the next 12 hours if anyone fails to do this then the entire house will become have nots for the week. This is kinda funny and all the puppets look like their puppet master. If the house guests haven’t already been acting crazy enough being couped up all this time, now CBS throws funky sock puppets into the mix, so now Everyone is talking to their hands and their hands are talking back! Now we get punishment #3 at random times for the next 12 hours Big Brother will play some music and the house guests have to stop what they are doing and dance until the music stops, time put put on your dancing shoes house guests! This is another slightly funny punishment and they all kind of get into it and bust a move but they all still think it sucks! Lane and Hayden are awful dancers, with that we are finally finished with the punishments!      

       Time for the Veto meeting, Enzo is definitely using the POV on himself. Britney and Hayden are both worried about going up on the block because in this game you never know what will happen next. With Enzo off the block Lane has to choose a replacement and he picks Hayden, I hope that put a big dent in the brigades happy little unit and hopefully we will get to see some more betrayal and drama before it’s all over. Lane is planning to be with Britney as the final two so Hayden may very well go home this week. I can’t wait to see to what unfolds in the next episode of Big Brother, until then…


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1 Response to Big Brother & The Brigade

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    Love the pic of Julie. Just realized, she’s my favorite part of the show! How pathetic. I do love her cute little outfits though. I think she’s very fashionable.

    Yeah, the Pandora’s box was crappy for sure. Looks like there’s gonna be one every week. The show is so boring that production has to make it interesting somehow.

    I’m an idiot. I didn’t realize Otev was Veto spelled backwards. How long have I been watching Big Brother? Jeeze!

    I think the brigade is shot. I think it was shot when Matt left. They shoulda renamed it or something cause the brigade ain’t the brigade without all members but whatever

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