The Final Four on Big Brother

~~~The Final Four~~~

      Welcome to Big Brother…on tonight’s episode we start of with, yup you guessed it, the recap of yesterdays show where Ragan tried his hardest and put up a good fight but were all his efforts for nothing? We will find out and we will also get a sneak peek into the Jury House to see the chaos ensuing in there, all on tonight’s Big Brother that aired at 1 am my time!

      We pick up where we left off at the POV ceremony where Lane nominated Hayden one of his Brigade members instead of Britney. This of course sets a fire under Enzo and Hayden’s butts, they know Lane is siding with Britney, will this tear the brigade apart, will they all turn on each other now…I sure hope so! Lane has his mind set on it being him and Britney for the final two because he thinks he will win if it comes down to just them. That would be OK I’d rather it be Lane and Britney for the final two instead of two brigade members…I sure hope Enzo goes home next! Ragan is in total battle mode, he is trying to fight to stay so he has a one on one with Britney and brings up very valid points on how if they vote him out Britney is sure to be the next one to go. Next Ragan decides to chat up Lane and see if he can sway him to vote out Hayden and Ragan does a good job and Lane is considering it, I think if it was still Enzo up against Ragan then maybe Lane would have voted to keep Ragan, Maybe? So will Lane betray his alliance and keep the weaker links in the game in order to win…if he was smart then yes…but it’s Lane!

      Time for our inside look at the Jury House, first they show Rachel who had to hang out all by herself for a week…hahaha…she claims to be working out and suntanning, guess she is trying to shed those thunder thighs she got while in the BB house! Then they show Kathy and her entrance to the Jury House, too bad she has to deal with Rachel and her fake hair extensions. Rachel and Kathy hug and act like all is well *GAG* The next to arrive is Matty and both Kathy and Rachel greet him with open arms. Then in comes Brendon and Brenchel is back…OHHH NOOO GROSS…so they are happy to see each other but the reunion is bittersweet because Rachel was hoping Brendon would go father in the game and hopefully win, HELL NO! Now the rest of the Jury House gets to find out about Matt and his lie about his wife’s disease and they just flip out! Kathy ripped him a new asshole and whined about her cancer and whatever, get over it you bitter old hag. Rachel is the same being a bitch and all…OMG! Grow up you two and get over it, his wife is not flipping out and she even went along with it, so there is no need to chop up the dead horse into thousands of pieces, he came clean give him a break! I’m a girl but these two make me ashamed of being female…LOSERS…here is a tip for CBS – next season don’t pick stupid, bitchy and stuck up chicks to be on the show, this season was packed full of them, it ruins the show!

      Finally we move on to the elimination, we have Ragan and Hayden up on the block. Ragan’s speech was first and his was short and sweet and it seemed as if he was going to cry first off but he ended with a smile and cookies! Hayden went next his speech was lame and boring and he sucks! Now we move on to the voting Enzo is up first and DUH he voted out Ragan. The next to vote is Britney and I was hoping she would keep him but sadly she voted to evict Ragan, poor Ragan! On his way out he did give hugs to everyone, quickly got his things and left but came out with a smile. Now we are down to the final four and 3 of them are brigade members, so I bet Britney will be the next one voted out! Going back to Ragan and his little sit down with Julie Chen and it was a very cute and insightful interview and I thought that Julie was going to tell Ragan about Matt’s little lie but she didn’t, I wonder how Ragan will respond to the news? The good bye messages to Ragan were actually really nice and they all praised him for making it as far as he did, except Enzo he was still an ass! Bye Bye Ragan!

     On to the HOH competition, this game is very festive with Christmas decorations everywhere. The goal of the game is to be the first to decorate their Christmas tree. The catch of this game is that they have to decorate a flat and fake tree through a chicken wire fence using their fingers to maneuver the ornaments and who ever gets all their ornaments plus the star on the tree and buzz in first is the new HOH. Britney is doing just awful, she keeps dropping the ornaments and even breaks a few. Enzo is moving slower than Kathy stuck in caramel. Hayden is doing the best and gets one ornament fairly quickly. So we wrap up this episode with Hayden in the lead followed by Enzo and last is Britney and it even started snowing! Now we have to wait until the next episode to see who wins the HOH competition…or you could just scroll down, until then…




Hayden wins HOH

He nominates Britney and Lane 4 eviction

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1 Response to The Final Four on Big Brother

  1. Mariabfoxy says:

    I heard that Ragan didn’t want to campaign and convince people to vote out Hayden and Big Brother Production made him do it. I thought his arguments were very convincing.

    By the way, did you know that the houseguests get a stipend of $750 a week????

    I totally knew Hayden would nominate Britney and Lane.

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