Big Brother 12 FINALE!!!

WOO HOO!!! Big Brother is finally over!!! YEAH!!! So tonight’s episode was a 2 hour finale….the last 3 being Enzo, Hayden and Lane. The competition between Lane and Hayden ended in Hayden’s victory and he became the final HOH and get to pick who goes to the final two with him. Hayden picks Lane…IN YOUR FACE ENZO! Finally Enzo gets kicked out! So it Lane Vs. Hayden and the Jury House gets to ask them some questions and blah blah blah…on to the votes! Rachel, Brendon and Britney all voted for Lane to win. Matt, Ragan and Kathy voted for Hayden and the deciding vote fell in Stupid Enzo’s hands and he picked Hayden! So Congrats to Hayden…Hiss boo hiss!!! Nobody found out that Hayden took that Hawaii vacation and the five thousand bucks…what a sneaky prick! I would have rather Lane won…no, I take that back I would have rather Matt or Andrew won, heck even Ragan would have been better than a Brigade member. One last thing the player picked as America’s Favorite was Britney…say what? I totally would have picked either Matt (DUH) or Andrew because of his Awesome speech! Well. people it’s been fun…sort of, but not really! I don’t think I’ll ever watch Big Brother again, or any reality show for that matter, so sayonara, adios & Farewell to my blogging about Big Brother, it was… expierence, and that’s it! (^_^)


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I was a Winner before Charlie Sheen was Winning! (~_^) #Troll
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