Anime Wallpapers – Kunie Kanbara

I’ve mentioned before that I make anime wallpapers as well as regular ones (^_^) so I thought I would share some with you, to be more specific some Kunie Kanbara wallpapers. I guess technically it’s not anime or manga specific but who cares (LOL) I also really like the simplicity and beauty of the Kunie Kanbara art. So here you go world, enjoy!

You can see these and more at my Minitokyo page HERE along with the proper credits!

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I was a Winner before Charlie Sheen was Winning! (~_^) #Troll
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2 Responses to Anime Wallpapers – Kunie Kanbara

  1. Maria B says:

    PERFECT!!! These are so great! Which ones are you going to sell at the anime convention in September?

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