Doctor Who Papercraft

Hello fellow Whovians, humans and other life forms I have recently gotten into Doctor Who and because I’m a nerd I have traveled through the inner sanctum of the interwebs in search of some Doctor Who papercraft and decided to share my epic finds with you all (most are from The only one I have made for myself so far is the TARDIS but I fully intend on making them all (^_^) I hope you all enjoy them!

NOTE: I advise you to use thicker paper to print and you can assemble them using your Sonic Screwdriver to resonate the paper so it bonds together but that is slightly time consuming, so using glue would work just as well!


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I was a Winner before Charlie Sheen was Winning! (~_^) #Troll
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7 Responses to Doctor Who Papercraft

  1. grantdyck says:

    Great paper craft! I used it to make a very small TARDIS for a gaming project. Scaled down nicely!
    Thanks so much for making your work available. Grant

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  3. silvergemini says:

    Your TARDIS design I love it, but may I suggest you move the doors to the third panel? That way when you put it together you don’t get the edges of the cut paper showing. It would be all smooth and look a bit nicer. Then the edges would be in the back.

  4. DoctorWhoFreak says:

    OMG!!! Do you kno of a sonic screwdriver one? This is soooo awesome!!!

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