Doctor Who *Series 6 Ep. 1* The Impossible Astronaut

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    Greetings fellow Whovians, now I know all of you have been anxiously awaiting the new season of Doctor Who to start, and it totally did, well by the time I finish this it’ll be yesterday! If you missed it, I’m sorry but I’m sure you’ll be able to see a re-run of it somewhere some how. I’ve decided to give you all a recap of tonight’s episode entitled The Impossible Astronaut Part 1 of a two-part opener. Next weeks episode is the part 2 continuation Day of the Moon, now on to the details!


    The story kicks off with Amy and Rory looking through history books and watching old movies and finding The Doctor is popping up everywhere, like he’s sending them a message. We all know the Doctor has a “Look at me, Look at me” demeanor in the first place but he usually tries to stay off the public radar, and this strikes Rory and Amy as weird! Then Amy & Rory receive an anonymous invitation in the Mail with a location, date and time, the envelope is a very TARDIS blue, so naturally they assume it’s from the Doctor.

    We also see an imprisoned River Song receiving the same invitation and she starts packing to leave. One of the guards says “She’s going to some planet called America.”

    Cut to America, Rory and Amy are getting off a bus in the middle of nowhere Utah and behind them is the every clever Doctor sporting a cowboy hat or as he calls it a Stetson, and yes he thinks Stetsons are cool, I prefer the Fez! While the Doctor is boasting about his new cool hat it’s get shot right off his head by the fabulous gun-toting River Song and her customary greeting of “Hello Sweetie!” As the group is catching up on things in a little Diner, the Doctor and River are “sinking diaries” to see where they are on each other’s time lines. The Doctor then sates he’s been running a long time and it’s time for him to stop, but they are going on one last trip “Space: 1969”

    After the opening credits we find ourselves with The Doctor and his friends having a picnic on the shore of a very scenic lake in no-man’s land Utah. The group is chatting away when the Doctor reveals he’s 1,103 years old. The last time Amy and Rory saw him a few months back, he was 908 years old. Amy then see’s a figure off in the distance but then looks away and forgets it, as a truck drives up and old man get’s out but then their attention is drawn back to the lake as an Apollo era astronaut emerges from the water. The Doctor then proceeds to go and talk to the astronaut but first advises the group that no matter what happens next they must not interfere. The Doctor then approaches the astronaut and knows precisely who is inside and is unfazed when the faceplate lifts up, then we cut back the Amy, Rory and River who are wondering what is going on, just then the astronaut shoots the Doctor twice and the Doctor starts his regeneration process, then the astronaut shoots him again killing him, YES, the Doctor is dead! The group rushes to the Doctors side and River fires off several shots at the astronaut but none of the shots hit and the astronaut disappears back in to the water. The old man from the truck joins the group and has with him a can of gasoline. River realizes that no one can ever get their hands on the Doctors body because he is an alien. Rory spots a boat and they decide to burn the Doctors body in the boat on the lake, giving him a proper send off. before the old man departs he tells the group his name is Canton Everett Delaware III and he too received an invitation and that he won’t be seeing them again but they will be seeing him.

    Now back at the Diner Rory, River and a very distraught Amy are going over what just happened and what is going to happen and River mentions the envelopes and how they were numbered, the old man had the number 4 envelope Amy, Rory and River had envelopes 2 and 3 but who has the number 1 envelope? Then River spots a TARDIS blue envelope sitting on a table and sure enough it has the number 1 on it. The Doctor then emerges from the back (I’m guessing it was the bathroom) alive and the group is completely shocked! The Doctor totally unaware of what has just happened to his three friends is all happy to see them, he hugs Amy and Rory and River slaps him! They come to find out that this Doctor is 909 years old. River being the smart time traveler knows not to let the Doctor know too much about what is going on, because you know if the Doctor crosses his own time line then that could cause a paradox and the universe would be blown to smithereens again! The group convinces the Doctor to go to 1969 and find this man called Delaware.

    We now find our group of time travelers back in the TARDIS preparing for the trip. River convinces Rory and Amy to not tell the Doctor about his death! The Doctor being the clever man that he is notices that something is amiss, and in an attempt to act stubborn and find out what is going on he tells everyone that he is taking them home! Amy is able to convince the Doctor to trust her by swearing on “Fish Fingers & Custard” reluctantly the Doctor goes along with the group and takes them to April 8, 1969 a Saturday, to which the Doctor say’s “Saturdays are important, big temporal tipping points where anything is possible.

    They decide to land in “stealth” mode, silent and invisible. Which is a good thing because they landed right in the Oval office of The White House where President Nixon was briefing Delaware on some strange phone calls he’s been receiving every day on his private line. Nixon plays a tape for Delaware of this unusual phone call, it’s the voice of a child. Nixon’s convinced it’s a boy and Delaware thinks it’s a girl the child is asking for help and calling himself/herself “Jefferson Adams Hamilton.” and is scared of “the Spaceman.” Then to the president’s surprise he spots the Doctor standing right there in the Oval office taking notes, and all hell breaks loose. Nixon sounds the alarm, the Secret Service bursts into the room and Delaware tackles the doctor and just as they were about to arrest the Doctor River de-cloaks the TARDIS walks out with Amy and Rory and everyone is stunned!

    The Doctor convinces the President not to shot them and to give him 5 minutes to solve the problem, but he will need maps of Florida streets 12 Jammie Dodgers and a fez. He gets the maps but not the fez, and starts rummaging through the maps looking for something in particular. While the chaos is ensuing Amy see’s an alien in a suit and tie standing in the door way and was about to mention it when Rory pops in her view and asks her if she is alright and Amy immediately forgets about the alien and asks to go to the bathroom. Then in the bathroom she encounters the alien again and remembers that she had just seen the alien and forgot about it, and then snaps a picture of it on her phone and the alien tells her that she needs to tell the doctor everything. Amy rushes out of the bathroom and forgets about the alien again and goes back to the Oval Office. There the Doctor finally finds what he’s been looking for on the maps, just as President Nixon gets another call from the child. The Doctor tells Nixon to tell the girl, that help is on the way, then the Doctor and his companions board the TARDIS and the Doctor tells Delaware to get in and close the door behind him. As the TARDIS is fading away the bewildered president tells the child he’s sending in his “Top Men.”

    The TARDIS materializes in a dusty, abandoned warehouse somewhere near Cape Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the group exits the TARDIS and the very confused Delaware is well, even more confused. The Doctor instructs Rory to try and explain the situation to Delaware, and after the whole it’s bigger on the inside and it travels through time and space bit Delaware gets the just of it and copes with it rather well. While poking around the warehouse looking for the child they notice that there is a lot of space stuff just lying about and quite a few aliens things around too. River starts to investigate and finds an entrance to some underground tunnels and goes to check it out, once underground River sees several of the aliens and bolts back up above ground to tell everyone but as soon as she looked away from the aliens she had totally forgotten about them and say’s the tunnels are all clear but she wants to take another look, this time the Doctor sent Rory with her. Now back down in the tunnels River and Rory start looking around and with the help of River’s handy little gadget they discover a locked door, River of course breaks into the room where they stumble upon some very unusual alien technology which looks to be some sort of control room, River also finds out that the tunnels even though they are very old they seem to span across the entire planet. As she further investigates the alien tech River tells Rory to watch the door incase someone or something comes. Rory looks out the door and sees the aliens approaching and turns to tell River and immediately forgets and say’s it all clear. Then as River is checking things out she look’s up and shouts “Rory” as some light flashes in the background and cut back to the others!

    Back up in the warehouse The Doctor, Amy and Delaware are still looking around and Amy is trying to tell the Doctor something when they hear the child’s voice call for help. Delaware runs off first followed by the Doctor and Amy, all the while Amy is trying to tell the Doctor something. The Doctor and Amy stumble across Delaware laying on the floor unconscious and Amy finally tells the Doctor she’s pregnant….just then the astronaut appears in the doorway. Thinking that she can save the Doctor from being killed Amy grabs the gun that Delaware dropped and fires a shot at the Astronaut…only to see the face of a little girl inside the space suit!


Until next week when the story continues with “Day of the Moon


•••R.I.P.  Elisabeth Sladen (1 February 1946 – 19 April 2011) You will be missed Sarah Jane Smith•••



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