MST3K meets Doctor Who

I made one of these pictures a few days ago and I thought “Damn, I am funny shit” so I made some more MST3K meets Doctor Who pictures. The Doctor Who pictures are from the episodes this season & I will continue to make these as the series progresses so be sure to check back and see the new ones. (First drawing pic not mine but relevant and funny)


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I was a Winner before Charlie Sheen was Winning! (~_^) #Troll
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4 Responses to MST3K meets Doctor Who

  1. Sarah says:

    So the drawing isn’t yours? Do you have information on the author? I’d like to share this with the proper citation.

  2. Emily says:

    perfect. i have no more words other than perfect

  3. Joy says:

    LOL awesome I do think the MST3K will riff at DW though the classic series. But this one works my favorite part is the Silent “that is one ugly alien!!” “What alien??”

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