Doctor Who Art & Stuff

Aloha Whovians

I’ve noticed you all seemed to enjoy the comic I recently posted, unfortunately I don’t have anymore! 😛 Nor do I have any wallpapers to offer you…This really isn’t off to a good start is it? It’ll get better though, trust me! Have I ever let you down before?

I had mentioned before that I frequent Tumblr and have collected a assortment of Doctor Who pictures, like the comics. The other problem is that collecting pictures from Tumblr also mean I don’t know who the original artists are for the following pictures. If I post something of yours or you happen to know who the artist is let me know & I will gladly give proper credit. I think most of the artists can be found on DevianART though, you can check there. 🙂  I guess that about wraps it up, I now present you with the promised COOL & artsy Doctor Who pictures – Enjoy!


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I was a Winner before Charlie Sheen was Winning! (~_^) #Troll
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2 Responses to Doctor Who Art & Stuff

  1. Ms. Hazard says:

    I’ve loved browsing your Whovian wallpapers. Really nice stuff. I grabbed a couple because, um, my entire computer network naming scheme kind of based on Whovian stuff. Except for the iPad, whose name is Benedict because Sherlock didn’t seem right. 😛

  2. saintthefireshow says:

    The drawing of the two Silents and the little girl in the spacesuit is mine. Please credit and link to my blog at — thanks, Neil

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