Hipster Wallpaper ;)

Alright so I guess lately I have been feeling Uber Creative and recently made this wallpaper, I call it “I Wanna Be a Hipster Too” (^_^) & I’m damn proud of it too!


About TiffYG2133

I was a Winner before Charlie Sheen was Winning! (~_^) #Troll
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6 Responses to Hipster Wallpaper ;)

  1. Gwendelen says:

    I totally love this. 😀 I was wondering if I could use it for my tumblr. blog giving credit to you ofcourse. ;D

  2. Jennifer says:

    I want it on a t-shirt….is that possible?

  3. Ed says:

    This is my wallpaper because I love it! (along with the other hipster ones you’ve created) I need more please! I would be so very delighted if you could make more hipster backgrounds like this (:

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