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The Final Four on Big Brother

      Welcome to Big Brother…on tonight’s episode we start of with, yup you guessed it, the recap of yesterdays show where Ragan tried his hardest and put up a good fight but were all his efforts for nothing? We will … Continue reading

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Big Brother – Bye Bye Rachel (^_^)

*DOWN WITH BRENCHEL*       Welcome to Big Brother where we get to break up Brenchel…YEAH!!! We start this episode out with Ragan calling Brendon a neanderthal, great way to start the show and Brendon’s  Jack ass antics continue as he … Continue reading

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Big Brother Round 2

So here we are the second show now over and the entire show was packed full of whispering, plotting, secrets and teaming up! I use the term “teaming up” loosely because the Jersey boy Enzo would rather call it his Mafia … Continue reading

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the Japanese site PIXIV is gay…yes I said gay (IMO) why? Well, as with Deviantart it is a site for people to upload their art & creations for the world to see…and only see!!! That’s is why I’m claiming it’s … Continue reading

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