•Miscellaneous Factoids•

Details: 32 year old single parent, my son is awesome BTW & besides saying I’m a bit strange & a Gemini there’s not much else to tell!

I do enjoy taking pictures! If you want to see some of my photos then you can CLICK HERE!


@TiffYG2133 – Twitter

Location: NoCo FoCo ^_^

Contact Info: Right, like I’m gonna tell eveyone my E-mail address and then end up with 50 million spam messages…not gonna happen!

Page Layout: By me 😛


4 Responses to •Miscellaneous Factoids•

  1. Kae says:

    First of all, you make amazing backgrounds! So, I’d like to use a background of yours on twitter but the way the layout is it hides your name in the corner…what should I do? Even if I try to put “tile” or move it left/right/center it still only shows the picture and cuts out a lot, including your name. I’ve been trying to look around your site for answers but I’m kinda confused D:

  2. Shelley Foster Gurin says:

    I would like to use your work: “light bulb music” for a Women Composers Concert at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. It is a school concert and we will not be charging or making any profit. It is a yearly concert honoring Women Composers. We thought your work would be perfect for our poster. This will be posted around the school. Do we have your permission? If so, we would of course like to give you credit on the poster. What is your name?
    Thank you!
    Shelley Foster Gurin
    Music Dept.
    Northeastern Illinois University

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